“Life is so subtle sometimes that you barely notice yourself walking through the doors you once prayed would open.”

Previously working in the non-profit sector as a Community Organizer, Shablé decided to pivot her talents towards Technology. Her first tech job included working as a Full Stack Engineer for WhereBy.Us, a localized media company that provides weekly newsletters in cities like Miami, Seattle, Portland, and Orlando. Apart from clocking 9-5 work days, Shablé spends her downtime providing content curation and creative direction for local artists, brands and publications.

When she’s not pushing code, Shablé’s sharing her tech journey experiences as a Miami native with her peers as well as local middle and high school students through Florida Education Fund’s CodeMasters Tech programs. She volunteers in her local community, teaching JavaScript classes with organizations like Black Girls Code. 

Her current recognitions include: National Community Leader for Opportunity Youth United, August 2018. Shablé’s hopes are to continue bridging the gaps between her loves of art, community and technology.

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The Culture Show

January 2019

Sweet Jalane’s

September 2018

I appreciate her eagerness to pick up challenges, and her openness in accepting feedback and constructive criticism, using it to become a better developer and project manager.
— Ernie Hsiung, CTO | WhereBy.Us
Working with Shablé Harris as a Creative Director has been very pleasant, productive and organized. She has been able to keep her contractors, talent and clients on schedule to ensure scheduled delivery of projects, video, photoshoots and events. Her attention to details and organizational skills have proven very useful in delivering quality deliverables matching or exceeding our clients needs. Whether she is presented with problems with existing or unknown solutions, she’s accepted the challenges and solved them with quality and creativity.
— Al Delcy, Developer & Filmmaker
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